“Claudia and her band were amazing! The audience loved them and gave them a standing ovation!” (Karen Darville, Windsor Fringe Festival, UK)

“The sophisticated charm of London-based Claudia Aurora” (Simon Broughton, Evening Standard, UK)

“Extremely talented musicians… most beautiful, heart wrenching music… heart-breaking and emotionally moving… overflowing emotions” (Csenge Krokovay, The Verse, UK)

“Wonderful evening with Claudia Aurora and her orchestra. Much passion in her voice and beautiful music shows again that you don’t have to know the language to understand the music and LOVE it!” (Sascha Kajic, Sweden)

“Claudia Aurora’s incredible voice has me in tears every time. Talented, beautiful, super-creative lady.” (Emma Landolt, UK)

“A gem of an album” (musicdeli, UK)

“Exquisitely beautiful” (musicdeli, UK)

“Utterly beautiful” (Chris Nickson, Stirrings, UK)

“A breath of fresh air. An impressive album.” (Rhythm Passport, UK)

“A heartfelt song… a talent developed in exile…” (Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Radio 3, UK)

“Every song is a winner, every arrangement full of thought and energy, and Claudia’s voice is majestic throughout. This is modern Fado at its finest – if you have yet to discover this remarkable music, Mulher do Norte would be as good a place as any to start, and better than most!” (Barry Goodman, ShireFolk, UK)

“Un modo nuovo e originale di rinnovare la tradizione, con rispetto e gusto, fanno di Claudia Aurora una voce importante e vitale da custodire gelosamente al fianco di Teresa Salgado, Mariza e Dulce Pontes.” (Argonauta Magazine, Italy)

“You may not see her beating heart but you will certainly hear it.” (Simon Rowland, R2 (Rock’n’Reel) Magazine, UK)

“Smart, café-tinged contemporary chamber fado rendering.” (fRoots, UK)

“Classy” (Neil Spencer, The Guardian, UK)

“This second album confirms the promise of her debut, Silêncio.” (Neil Spencer, The Guardian, UK)

“Tingling beauty” (Simon Broughton, Evening Standard, UK) (Album of the Week) (4 stars)

“(Claudia) Aurora takes advantage of a colourful instrumentation – with an almost chamber-like instrumentation – to close in on a classical French chanson and blur her fado into something else, nuanced by the great Edith Piaf.” (Gonçalo Frota, Songlines, UK)

“You’re in for a treat” (Debra Davis, UK)

“It’s a stunning and crystal clear album with a true female sensibility. I love it.” (Debbie Golt, Resonance FM, UK)

“Intriguing and lovely lovely singer” (DJ Ritu, A World In London, UK)

“A lovely album” (Mark Coles, The Shed, UK)

“Thank you SO much for Claudia Aurora CD. On 2nd non-stop listen. Really rich and still crystal clear. Love how honest and all woman she is. Entirely her own woman. Lovely instrumentation and brilliant production/mastering!” (Debbie Golt, Resonance FM, UK)

“Quite possibly one of the most gifted of Portugal’s Fado singers! Such a moving experience going to one of her concerts… hope she comes back to Wales soon!” (Stuart Lloyd, Wales)

“Great concert in Llangollen. And 3 CD’s are in the family’s possession.” (John Farrier, Wales)

“Marvellous!!!” (Tita Da Silva, Wales)

“Please return next year! A wonderful performance by you and the musicians!” (Berni Cordwell, Wales)

“Wonderful concert last night in Llangollen Fringe Festival, Claudia, you are a more than worthy successor to Amalia. Thank you for the music!” (Serena Grimaldi, Wales)

“The finest act we had in years” (Neal Thompson, Wales)

“Bello muy bello” (Claudia Amaro, Argentina)

“How powerful!” (Ναυσικα Μουσσαιου, UK)

“Beautiful voice that will fulfill all of those who like Portuguese fado.” (Zoran Kolaric, Croatia)

“A wonderful new voice on the fado scene. Thoughtful, measured but capable of real passion. Claudia sings with great charm ably backed by her guitarist.” (Mrs. C. E. Mclean, UK)

“The richness of this album is fantastic, mixing traditional Fado songs with her own compositions, beautifully crafted with instruments such cello, Portuguese guitar, mandolin, Spanish guitar and double bass. It’s a very relaxing album, with a very powerful delivery of her voice at some parts. I wish her the best for the future.” (J.M, UK)

“I found it inspirational.” (Mr. Jc Stannard, UK)

“Wow I just came across your music and I am in love… it is truly beautiful!!!” (Lino Vardan, Costa Rica)

“Adoramos o show no Purcell Room e compramos o CD. Cada vez que ouvimos o CD, mais a gente gosta. E já ouvimos dezenas de vezes… Estamos esperando o proximo CD” (Ana Cascon, UK)

“Lindo fado!” (Carlos Baptista, Portugal)

“Simply divine!” (Peter Millington, UK)

“What a lovely gig at Purcell Room Claudia last Friday!!! Excellent!” (Pedro Alvarez, Spain)

“I loved your strong presence, your very fine sense of humour & your own songs. (And your dress!!)” (Maria Weidmann, UK)

“I’m glad the Purcell Room filled up for a very talented lady and her musicians. It made my night magical.” (Morag M Rogers, UK)

“Beautiful stuff” (Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC Radio 3, UK)

“Well what can I say… it was absolutely stunning… you were superb but so were your musicians – what a great combination!!! I am so excited for you and trust that things go from brilliant to exceptional!!!” (Josie Landolt, UK)

“Check out the music of Claudia Aurora, wonderful Fado, moving and uplifting. Superb in concert last night at the Southbank Centre!” (xbeliever, UK)

“Great concert and enjoyed your new songs. Loved watching you perform through the live radio in the Southbank. What a wonderful idea. My mum who spent 8 years in Portugal and 2 years in Brazil, smiled and I asked did she love hearing your CD. Mum replied yes. The people in mums home who have memory problems seemed relaxed and calm. I think it helped my mum and the carers enjoyed your music. Thanks for a fantastic night out.” (Morag M Rogers, UK)

“Thanks for a great session Claudia! The band were terrific!” (Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC 3, UK)

“I absolutely loved Lua and Mulheres do Norte of course. But Cigana is musically brilliant!” (Ana Baldaia, UK)

“Claudia Aurora, thank you for the great performance! Your voice is beautiful!” (Irina Certas, UK)

“Thank you for the lovely evening, my husband cried again on the Mother’s song, same as couple of years ago in Crawley, so moving… my personal favourite is Lua – spiritual & haunting” (Svetlana Dinkovski, UK)

“Well done, Claudia. You were wonderful.” (Juliano Fiori, UK)

“It was a great performance Claudia! Your voice is just amazing!” (Ozlem Kol Giray, UK)

“It was a fantastic gig!” (Janie Wheeler, UK)

“you are great.” (Porfirio Dias Santos, UK)

“So proud the beautiful Claudia Aurora did a marvellous concert last night!!!” (Ana Baldaia, UK)

“Listening to Claudia Aurora on R3, fab!” (Siobhan Kierans, UK)

“great concert” (Csilla Szabo, UK)

“Wonderful show at The Purcell Rooms, thanks.” (John Smart, UK)

“Concerto maravilhoso ontem no Southbank Centre, parabens!!” (Ricardo Teixeira, UK)

“Amazing concert, thank you for such a wonderful evening” (Peggy PetitGuillaume, UK)

“Great to hear Claudia Aurora performing on national radio. Beautiful voice. Beautiful songs.” (Jonny Velon, UK)

“Fantastic performance! Really enjoyed the new songs especially the beautiful moon song” (Janie Wheeler, UK)

“AMAaaazing concert by the beautiful and talented Claudia Aurora. In AWE!!” (Emma Landolt, UK)

“Just listened to the show on BBC 3 this evening. First time I’ve ever heard you. Absolutely beautiful!” (Leona Corio, UK)

“Mesmerising sound” (BBC Radio 3, UK)

“Heartbroken songs” (Eldarin Yeong Studio, UK)

“Fado sensation” (BBC Radio 3, UK)

“She is a must see live act!” (Equator Festival, UK)

“My beautiful friend… make sure you book and go to see her perform! I can’t tell you how incredible she, and her music is…” (Emma Lucy, UK)

“When her voice unfolds its full force, bittersweet and blue, elemental and operatic by turn, she has the room’s ear tonight, and for life.” (Venue Magazine, UK)

“All my London friends – if you see only one music event this year – make it this one! Claudia is something else – but don’t just take my word for it – experience the beauty, power and emotion of fado for yourself…” (Simon Fry, UK)

“I first saw Claudia 3-4 years ago, when she launched the original version of her debut album in Bristol. I was music editor of Venue magazine at the time, and I thought she was the singularly most talented singer I’d seen in Bristol; nothing has changed that opinion since. I don’t think I need write for long underlining Claudia’s extraordinary quality: her being asked to play the BBC Radio 3 stage at WOMAD, or Southbank Centre’s QEH at the Women of the World Festival, speak eloquently enough.” (Julian Owen, UK)

“I so enjoyed watching you last year. You are such a hypnotising performer, just perfect. The VOICE!!! So beautiful and rustic with so much emotion…” (Pia Cabble, UK)

“A beautiful evening in our little Soajo, with the perfect voice… All I can say is Bravo…… Thank you!!!!!!” (Angela Esteves Nunes, Portugal)

“Merveilleux ♥” (Jean-Claude Deloménie, Paris, France)

“Magic love songs… beautiful, magical love music…” (Irena Konjevic, Croatia)

“Uma voz mágica num lugar mágico. Adorei!” (Luciana Gaspar, Portugal)

“Encontrar algo por casualidad y sentir asombro….no tiene precio…felicidades” (Cachito Castro Gonzalez, Spain)

“THANK YOU!! It was magic, was a blast, it was great, sugar, honey, lyrical miracle” (Szymon Socha, Gdynia, Poland)

“The concert was wonderful!” (Ilona Drzewiecka, Gdynia, Poland)

“An amazing first time in Poland! Thank you!” (Ilona Drzewiecka, Gdynia, Poland)

“It was great! Thank you!” (Piotr Szklarkowski, Gdynia, Poland)

“Globaltica 2013 ended with a concert by Claudia Aurora, who charmed the audience at the Music Theatre. Thank you for being with us, thank you for your kind words and great fun.” (Globaltica team)

“Simplesmente Fantástica!” (Diana Barros, Portugal)

“Your music and voice are breathtaking.” (Rose Marie Galopim, Portugal)

“To be in the company of a genuine artiste in such an intimate space as the Komedia Studio was a joy and privilege. Fantastico!” (Tom Locke, The Argus, UK)

“Aurora passionately performs the traditional songs her grandmother taught her, which is not to be in any way disparaging about her own compositions which often blend with other styles, such as the bossa nova.” (Tom Locke, The Argus, UK)

“Her performance was captivating throughout.” (Tom Locke, The Argus, UK)

“What a lovely concert this was. I saw Claudia Aurora at WOMAD last year, and she impressed me a lot, so I decided to drive through to Dunfermline to see her again. Well worth the trip.” (Raymond Soltysek, UK)

“Great concert in Saltaire – thank you!!” (Sharon Rea, UK)

“Saw Claudia and her band last night at Glenuig. One word, FABULOUS!” (Gail Wendorf, UK)

“An excellent concert by Claudia Aurora at the Caird Hall” (Music Development Dundee, UK)

“Very good!! It was a really well spent evening!! Thank you Dundee for giving us a little bit of fado!!” (Elisabete Leite Cacieri, UK)

“Beautiful concert in Dundee, magical, thank you!” (Calum Duncan, UK)

“Last night Claudia Aurora set the stage on fire with Fado music fused with Brazilian and other flavors. Fado music originates from Portugal and has far reaching roots, having mixed influences. I loved every minute of it!” (Pia Love, UK)

“The morning after and still haunted by a wonderful voice + musical journeying” (Catherine Dixon, UK)

“Thank you for the great concert in Helsinki!” (Teppo Mattsson, Helsinki, Finland)

“Thank you for your magnificent concert in Helsinki.” (Leo Vossi, Helsinki, Finland)

“”Silêncio” in Helsinki – wonderful!!! – And I got the last cd sold there!” (Tuula Kakko, Helsinki, Finland)

“The musicianship was superb throughout and came together for a climactic Gypsy (Cigana), whose rhythms allowed Claudia to really show her vocal range, and inhabit the character with a passion that needed no translation.” (Michael Conaghan, Belfast Telegraph, UK)

“Such a warm voice, love your music Claudia” (Iré Zhekova, Bulgaria)

“Claudia Aurora is an exponent of Fado” (Belfast Music, UK)

“A complete treat of a night, this, as WOMAD-wowing Claudia Aurora wraps her extraordinary voice around self-penned fado (Portuguese blues) songs. For maximum sensory delight – and Iberian authenticity – tickets also include a full Portuguese meal. Hugely recommended.” (Venue Magazine, UK)

“Wonderful music!” (Lucy Duran, BBC Radio 3, UK)

“Thank you Claudia! I had no idea Fado was such a wonderful musical style! I have already ordered the cd!” (Steve Allen, UK)

“Thanks for a wonderful workshop yesterday… I love your style and want to sing more!” (Annabelle O’Connell, UK, following Claudia Aurora Fado workshop at the Southbank Centre)

“Exacerbated melancholies, passions lost in the fog of lost loves, sorrows that turn to tragedy. National genre in Portugal, fado thrives and evolves in this almost tragic curve of feelings in which the soul burns in the unfulfilled desire and harassment of memory. It is the sense of the inevitable destiny, fatum in Latin, which shapes the Mediterranean essence and makes of fado an unavoidable cultural expression. In the wave of singers who adopt this genre, each adapting it to his/her artistic personality and history, Claudia Aurora excels due to the vigour of a character that prints to the words the strength of an upsetting pathos. Born in Porto and settled in England since 2003, she made her debut here with his accomplice, the guitarist Javier Moreno. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Silêncio reveals to the public a powerful and entrenched voice, whose emotions are settled over the stories sung, narrated and accompanied by music both sad and vibrant.” (Amina Magazine review of “Silêncio”, France)

“Number three is Claudia Aurora from Porto, who has been living for almost ten years in Bristol, in England, where her debut album “Silencio” (World Village / Harmonia Mundi) was recorded – which contrary to the album’s title is not only about silence, but a mix of traditional and own songs and her powerful beguiling voice and a Fado sometimes skillfully stirred under a touch flamenco.” (Zeitungshaus Bauer review of “Silêncio”, Germany)

“Claudia is the best so go sing it to the birds” (Melvyn Ternan, UK)

“Queria so dizer que ouvi “Silêncio” pela primeira vez há bocado e vieram-me lágrimas aos olhos. Por favor passem os meus agradecimentos á Claudia por trazer um bocado de Portugal a este país tão frio.” (Ricardo da Fonseca, UK)

“Classic and timeless” (Nina Martin, UK)

“Claudia’s Fado style full of drama and passion” (Tony Benjamin, This is Bristol/The Bristol Post, UK)

“From the first songs the packed room seemed captivated, hushed attention leading to whooshing outbursts of applause at each song’s end.” (Tony Benjamin, This is Bristol/The Bristol Post, UK)

“I just heard a track on Cambridge 105. I am hooked! What a great sound.” (Del Burgess, UK)

“Beautiful performance – I was stunned. Lucky Londoners to have you there. EVERYONE go see Claudia Aurora sing Fado…and take some tissues ;) Come back to your favourite city soon!” (Nichola Davies, UK)

“Aah what a wonderful evening! Thank you for your beautiful singing and music. It was a real treat.” (Mog Fry, UK)

“Girl you have a great voice…sing…sing girl!!!” (Angela Pullen, UK)

“So fantastic at the West End Centre, come back soon and we promise to bring at least 20 more friends.” (Natalie Boniface, UK)

“Really enjoyed your gig at the West End Centre in Aldershot tonight. Now looking forward to listening to my (signed) copy of the CD…” (Tim Stansfeld, UK)

“Thank you for a fantastic evening of fado music in Narberth last night. Glad you made the journey and what a great end to the week. Wishing you and the ensemble all the very best.” (Nathan Walton, UK)

“Her set of traditional and self-composed fados was packed out in the courtyard of a traditional house in the centre of town.” (Simon Broughton, Songlines Magazine, UK)

“Rising star of Portuguese fado(Songlines Magazine, UK)

“You are already my favourite fado singer!” (Sophie Mason, UK)

“Claudia was excellent at Womad, charming and lovely!” (Sebastian Merrick, Kazum, UK)

“Never thought I would like this type of music, but now I love it. Well done Claudia.” (John Dyer, UK)

“A remarkable fado singer” (Peter Culshaw, The Arts Desk, UK)

“Wasn’t at WOMAD to hear her, but I listened to her album a few mornings back. Can’t understand the words, but the emotion she brings is utterly beautiful. I had real tears in my eyes.” (Ian Addison, UK)

“The best performance I saw in Womad this Year” (Emma Reece, about Claudia Aurora’s performance at WOMAD, UK)

“So far the best act I watched in Womad” (Vivian Jones, about Claudia Aurora’s performance at WOMAD, UK)

“What an amazing gig it was… she was awesome, one of my womad highlights” (Jodi Ahmed, about Claudia Aurora’s performance at WOMAD, UK)

“Aurora has a classic fadista voice, a husky and rich contralto. She also conforms to type, dressed heavily but sexily in red and black, swishing her shawl in the most dramatic of fashions. She is everything one could ever want in a beautiful, heart-rending fadista.” (Raymond Soltysek, UK)

“A lovely exponent of fado novo” (Raymond Soltysek, UK)

“I had such a great time, it really was amazing in many different ways, it was a great honour being there with you for that fantastic show” (Nina Martin, about Claudia Aurora’s performance at WOMAD, UK)

“My God, what a moment! Hope you’ve had chance to reflect on your set – and the crowd’s reaction – today. Both were rather incredible.” (Julian Owen, about Claudia Aurora’s performance at WOMAD, UK)

“One of the festival highlights” (Carly Rhodes, about Claudia Aurora’s performance at WOMAD, UK)

“Your new favourite fado singer” (WOMAD, UK)

“Claudia Aurora canta il fado come nessun’altra. Quest’estate sarà ospite al Womad!” (Bianca Amaducci, Italy)

“Increible voz!!! Me encanta tu música… tu voz es preciosa.. sin palabras!!!! bravo Claudia!!!!” (Lourdes Fernandez Menayo, Spain)

“Traditional Portuguese folk-blues performed by renowned Fado singer Aurora, whose stunning voice has garnered international accolades.” (The List, UK)

“The best thing I saw at the Festival” (Kate McPhee, Brighton Fringe Festival 2012, UK)

“An outstanding, talented, remarkable and a very beautiful artist. A delight and pleasure to listen/watch and a credit to the profession.” (Ian Ashman, UK)

“I heard your Cigana track on ABC Radio recently and it hit me with so much emotion. The combination of Flamenco and Brazilian styles is perfect for me. As a double bassist, I have played both styles and to hear such a blend is so great; thanks!” (Rigel Best, Australia)

“The concert was breathtaking and moved me greatly and I can’t wait to share it with our listeners.” (Sam Murray, Folk Off!, Liverpool Student Radio, UK)

“Loved the show last night in Leeds. Absolutely beautiful.” (James Wray, UK)

“Thanks for a fantastic show – we all really enjoyed it and thought she had great stage presence.” (Angharad Cooper, Opera North, Leeds, UK)

“Thanks for a beautiful gig last night @GreenNote” (Lewis Barfoot, UK)

“Superlative Fadista, Claudia Aurora, joined Ritu on this A World In London. Playing tracks from her excellent debut CD, Silencio, Claudia shared some exclusive insights into the world of Fado, singing techniques, and her unique compositions cooked up in her kitchen! Hear her remarkable voice, live, at The Green Note March 8th or on tour in the UK in September!” (DJ Ritu, A World in London, SOAS Radio, UK)

“Check out one of the world’s greatest #Fado singers on 8 Mar @GreenNote for great poetry set to music, Portuguese style” (Poet in the City, UK)

“An exquisite foray into jazz-inflected contemporary fado” (fRoots, UK)

“‘Silencio’ (by Claudia Aurora) is quickly becoming my favourite album” (Sam Murray, Presenter/Producer – Folk Off!, Liverpool Student Radio)

“A beguiling voice! And her instrumentalists are superb!” (Michael Church, The Scotsman, UK)

“As she projected her voice across the audience you could feel the power and soul in the performance; this gave me goose bumps, and made me feel at ease and memorised by her beautiful voice.” (Jonathan Frost, Norwich Evening News, UK)

“Mayra Andrade and Claudia Aurora are the most amazing singers I have ever heard and I will never forget them.” (Jonathan Frost, Norwich Evening News, UK)

“2011, deservedly, has been a heck of a year for Claudia Aurora and on tonight’s showing – one of the most sexy, sensual, affecting and accomplished to fill the Folk House for some time – 2012 should see her fly. Truly, Silêncio is golden.” (Joe Spurgeon, Venue Magazine, UK)

“It virtually defies belief: many are the times we’ve marvelled at Claudia Aurora’s darkly beautiful fado performances, but with new band in town – in particular the hummingbird shimmer of Bernardo Couto’s Portuguese guitar – she’s somehow raised her game to a whole new level. The centre of the drama, of course, remains that extraordinary voice, and its unerring ability to offer deepest felt emotion the clearest possible expression. Truly, this is an exquisite melancholy, as both the watery eyes of many in the crowd – and their thunderous standing ovation come curtain down – attest.” (Julian Owen, UK)

“Amazing performance… very moving.” (Andy Pryor, UK)

“Claudia, I LOVED your performance! Your voice is incredible!! I felt so involved with the performance, it is so emotional.” (Katie Goldsmith, UK)

“Thank you for an amazing gig yesterday! I was totally blown away!! You have such an amazing voice.” (Gnisha Bevan, UK)

“Emotionally intense and captivating fado” (Musicport World Music Festival, UK)

“I think we can safely say that the women won this year with amazing performances by Mercedes Peon, Mari Boine, Claudia Aurora, Natalie Duncan, Cigdem Aslan, Kim Richey & Mary Coughlan in particular.” (Musicport World Music Festival, UK)

“Just to say thank you. The gig in Colchester last week was amazing & my Portuguese girlfriend loved it having not seen fado live since she left Lisbon 21 years ago.” (Gareth Gault, UK)

“There are hundreds upon hundreds of acts in the BrisBath area alone, but you should definitely mark your card to check the following. Claudia Aurora is the country’s premier exponent of fado (Portuguese Blues) and, when she is not wowing the London’s Southbank, still regularly plays in the area where it all began.” (Venue Magazine, UK)

“Silencio is breathtaking. There is just something soooo….wonderful about this artist’s voice. Pls check her music out :)” (Coral Rose, UK)

“Amazing and totally awesome performance at Musicport Festival, Bridlington. Such a pleasure to meet and interview a wonderfully talented artist such as yourself. Thank you for your new album, Silencio is superb!” (Coral Rose, UK)

“@MusicportFest Tough to answer as @THEAndyKershaw @ClaudiaAuroraPT @mercedespeon @asere @changinghorses plus many more made it superb!” (Coral Rose tweeting about Claudia Aurora performance at Musicport Festival, UK)

“Yesterdays highights for me @MusicportFest @mercedespeon @claudiaauroraPT legendary @THEAndyKershaw x @changinghorses and ASERE!!” (Coral Rose tweeting about Claudia Aurora performance at Musicport Festival, UK)

“Fantastic set by @ClaudiaAuroraPT at #musicport festival – CDs sold out too!” (Songlines tweeting about Claudia Aurora performance at Musicport Festival, UK)

“Be enchanted by the beautiful and talented @ClaudiaAuroraPT performing @MusicportFest this weekend. Muchas gracias guapa!” (Coral Rose tweeting about Claudia Aurora performance at Musicport Festival, UK)

“Haunting Portuguese fado from this rising star of the scene here performing heartbreakingly poignant material from her widely acclaimed 2011 album ‘Silêncio'” (Time Out)

“I love this album by Claudia Aurora. Exquisitely simple and uniquely traditional – unadorned music at its best.  Silêncio is mood music personified, embracing the classical fado themes of loss and yearning. Her deeply expressive voice is a joy to listen to.” (Liz MacIntosh, Festival Previews)

“She has a beautiful voice and her album is excellent” (Elizabeth MacIntosh, Festival Previews)

“Spine-tingling” (Alex Denney, NME)

“A finely judged and superbly executed programme” (Gordon Turner, Norwich)

“She is really amazing – one of my highlights of the year” (Viktor Wynd, The Last Tuesday Society)

“Drenched in emotion and drama” (Lucy Duran, BBC Radio 3)

“Boy, she has a voice, as elementally strong as the tides of which she sings, and as imbued with ability to induce calm and awe.” (Venue Magazine)

“Porto-born singer/songwriter Claudia Aurora enraptures with the spine-tingling emotion of her powerful, mournful Fado torch songs. Her extraordinary voice, drenched in a sadness that courses through the audience, gives the soaring sound of Portugal unique dramatic expression.” (St. George’s Bristol)